Facts about warranty and replacement
Cleverly work warranty and replacement solution is an excellent example wherein customer satisfaction drive the sell and growth of an organisation.

facts about warranty and replacement

 What is Warranty?

A warranty is a contract which provides assurity against manufacturing  defects and malfunctions if any, about any product within a limited duration of time; it’s a promise made by the seller or distributor about the quality of a product or service. A warranty can be described in oral or in a written format which includes the name, type of any product, quality, etc. It’s a secure receipt that serves to buyers conforming about products or services, breach of any rules mentioned therein can call relevant legal action. In case, the defective product or service is under warranty rules, the law provides right settlement to the buyer; it gives damages, repair or replacement as per warranty details.

What is Replacement?

The replacement is served when any products or services used by a user need to be replaced or  to be paid the demarrage applicable. If the manufacturer receives the defective product from its customer, he/she shall repair/modify/replace the product completely for its intended function. In case of service, the loss incurred by the buyer can be remunerated or a suitable settlement will be made as per terms and conditions mentioned in the warranty contract.

Implementation of Replacement:

1.Replacement approved: Once the defective product is reported to the dealer or  manufacturer, they will generate a Complaint ID (Number) for the buyer. Then, the user needs to send the product with the complaint ID, Documentation etc. as mentioned in the package; all these details can help to identify which part is to be replaced or reworked, and they are authorized for return.

2.Replacement Denied: In case, the defect is at the cause of buyers action/improper handling manufacturer may not accept the product for return. Also the products with invalid warranty period will get rejected.

3.Replacement Resolve: Once the part is inspected by the respective manufacturer or the teams, the part will go under the resolution stage. It depends on how the original part has defects; it will get replaced. Repaired or reimbursed to the respective user.

Once the part gets repaired, it again goes under inspection with the new and old components and tests again to see if the product is working according to the specification.



In general, warranty & replacement documents are maintained on a paper document, which means dealing with a lot of files, illegible writing, manual handling etc. Due to peer market pressure from competitors and distributors the warranty & replacement management becomes the most pressing issue in the manufacturing and service industry. So, it is preferable to have a solution which maintains relevant records, the decision about defects and replacement, also keep the records of the movement of goods/services, and their related commercial transactions. It will be very handy if the solution provides complaint status and warranty/replacement activity progress.


In Cleverlywork Warranty and Replacement management solution the main factor is, we use a digital platform to record various entries regarding warranty and replacement. We perform every step of warranty and replacement with rules and guidelines. We are here to help your issue in a quick and responsible manner.

Our goal is to provide a concise and transparent system that will help our customers to offer a robust product/service portfolio to their clients. And ensure it will get delivered with utmost customer satisfaction.

Cleverlywork Warranty and Replacement management solution provides simple and effective workflows that bring 100% transparency in overall process and whole activity can be seen at a bird’s eye view.   

Refer Cleverlywork warranty and replacement management blogs and templates to know more. Contact Cleverlywork helpdesk for more details.



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