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Leading toward the digital educational revolution, the JNB School Management system has become really efficient and powered with simple and handy tool like CleverlyWork School Management.

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About JNB International School

JNB International School is the most trusted school, it is promoted by B.J. Joshi Educational trust under the Trust Act. This trust has a number of schools in Jalgaon. The JNB International School was established in the year 1997 with a view to helping students from nearby areas to get an education and providing a better future for students at a very reasonable fees. It has more than 1000+ Students learning their standard syllabus along with extracurricular activities like games,  gymnastics, etc, and 70+ staff that provides the best education to the students.




1 City


1000+ students


70+ Staff


JNB International School offers many kinds of educational programs to students. It has various subjects, international languages, etc. They need to maintain a timetable manually for the teachers and a separate timetable for individual staff. Maintaining the collection of fees for thousands of students and generating fees-related reports is difficult, Making progress cards for different exam patterns like the CBSC pattern and Maharashtra pattern is a time-consuming and hectic job for all the staff. Sometimes, It is hard to maintain the staff salary records or any financial documents. With the expanding No of students and No of teachers, it became hard to maintain the vast system. Holding a large No of student data, staff details and financial reports for an organization became very hectic.

JNB International School wished to make all the records to be maintained in a systematic manner with very less paperwork if possible which can be done with robust software.

Time consuming

It takes a lot of time to make a manual of students and employee data.

Manual Work

The details about students, staff, and other information need to update manually.

Non-teaching Staff

Need to allocate work related to the timetable, to the nonteaching staff such as clerks, etc.

Student report

Sometimes, it became very hectic to keep records about students and may delay in generating reports.

Cleverlywork Solution

CleverlyWork has designed and implemented a School Management Module to address the above challenges. CleverlyWork takes care of challenges such as student management, fees management, employee timetable management, ready-made certificate, libraries, accounts, and much more. 

The digitization method helps to save time, the supervisor gets to check critical points and can easily approve from his/her end.

Due to CleverlyWork School Management, it is easy to maintain all the data and there is less manual data updation work with fewer errors while updating manual records.

CleverlyWork service management is one of the most useful platforms that provide services with upgraded innovations and technology. The company has made it all the way to the business sector to improve the technical and operational issues. Our products are growing as web-based software, and mobile applications that made their mark globally to transform the working style.

Organized the data

It helps to set data in a tabular format in an organized manner.

Easy reporting

With the help of ready-made reports, tasks become easy for making certificates and result format

Updating Records

It is easy to update data bases and reports in the organization


It is easy to update staff and student details with a systematic manner.

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