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Transportation Management

Express Transport Corporation


Express Transport Corporation is now more punctual & responsive due to CleverlyWork Transportation Management Solution, as they exhibit crucial control over their resources with more efficiency.

Express Transport Corporation 2

About Express Transport Corporation

Express Transport Corporation has been associated with various transportation services since last 30 years and uses a traditional way of business. Express Transport Corporation has various trucks, drivers, technicians and non-technicians workers. They have offices in 12 cities including major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata. They are having their own set up across the nation with a team of over 100+ employees.




12 Cities


12 Offices


100+ Employees


Unable to track the route effectively can impact the quality of service. It raises a question regarding customer satisfaction. Most of the time, the team was unable to track the vehicle details and record the location in the register was cumbersome work. So it has reduced to the poor response given to customers. Generating lorry receipt and delivery challan was also manual work which was taking appreciable time from employees and maintaining old receipts and challan had become challenging. 

Allotting drivers to any journey had become the job of an efficient planner as it involved checking the engagement of the drivers, checking their available time and then allotting the journey slot.

Clearly, Express Transport Corporation requires an efficient and concise solution that can address all of its issues.

Inability to track location

Difficult to track the real time record of delivery.


Delayed receipt and challan making

Difficult for making digital receipts and challans.

Focus on manual work

 Manual updating of reports

Tracking status of driver

Difficult to trace booking allotments of drivers

Cleverlywork Solution

CleverlyWork Management Solution provides process transparency, vehicle tracking, route optimization, collection and analysis of data from vehicles, and many other aspects that become visible, traceable, and predictable for you, rather than being remained hidden.

CleverlyWork transport management system is a software application designed to manage and optimize inbound or outbound transportation operations. A more excellent process gathers, organizes, shares and analyzes the data, and it is easily accessible to the user. 

Using this system, users can automate many transport operations like billing, tracking payments, creating reports etc. System keeping records of transportation is easy. Users can find any old forms in a few clicks and generate old delivery reports and other reports quickly. They need to maintain hundreds of thousands of records. Also, searching is significantly faster so they can find the required details instantly.

User friendly

The user interface is user friendly which provides quick access to the web app or website.


Safeguarding digital information throughout the entire process of the website.

Time and route management

Route management covers route optimization, driver status, and leads to time-consuming.

Easy to keep records

Keeping digital records is an excellent step for easy to find the data or the history records.

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