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CleverlyWork School management is smart the way of managing whole tasks of the school properly so that better results could be obtained and ultimately goodwill of the school is enhanced.

School Management 

What is School management –

A school management system is an information management system for educational institutions to manage student data. It helps teachers get information about students faster, easier and reduces their workload.

Student databases in school management systems contain information about the students, such as their exam grades, parent information, medical history, tuition fees, etc.

School management system record data such as student registration, class documents, grades, analytical grades for students, and other assessment elements. In addition, school management systems are used to plan the curriculum of students, record their presence and manage the needs of students in the school.

School management software is designed for –

CleverlyWork School Management System is designed to help institutions offering education. You can use school management software to manage your school’s daily administrative and academic operations seamlessly from a remote location.

The section below presents an all-inclusive guide to help you in comprehending the working procedure of an efficient school management system and its benefits. Reading through the detailed guide will make it easier for you to choose the best school management system.


CleverlyWork solution for School Management –

CleverlyWork has designed and implemented a School Management Module to address the above challenges. CleverlyWork takes care of challenges such as student management, fees management, employee timetable management, ready-made certificate, libraries, accounts, and much more.

The digitization method helps to save time, the supervisor gets to check critical points and can easily approve from his/her end.

Due to CleverlyWork School Management, it is easy to maintain all the data and there is less manual data updating work with fewer errors while updating manual records.

CleverlyWork school management is one of the most useful platforms that provide services with upgraded innovations and technology. The company has made it all the way to the business sector to improve the technical and operational issues. Our products are growing as web-based software, and mobile applications that made their mark globally to transform the working style.


Features of CleverlyWork School Management Solution:

1) Student Management System

This is a core feature that keeps a timely track of each and every student in the school. Information stored ranges from name, parent details, and prior medical conditions to achievements.

When this is all kept in one place, it makes student management easy as the school population is easily known at the click of a button. And every student is accounted for compared to the pen and paper.

2) School Staff Informational Record

A good School System not only stores student record but also the school staff both teaching and non-teaching staff. The information can then be used to be stored for future purposes or can be used by the system to do other ancillary tasks such as constructing a school timetable for the teaching staff, payroll system for producing pay slips.

3) Academic Analysis

The teaching staffs experience a great mental and physical drain of energy in tasks of marking student’s exam. Together with this analysis of exams must be done in order to determine a student’s academic level. A School System is of great reliance as the major tasks involve:

Grading student’s exams

Preparing Mark Sheet of subject mean grade and mean score.

Ranking students.

Preparing Report Cards.

4) School Accounting System

This is a very sensitive department that requires utmost accuracy or else suffer with government audits and disgruntle parents.

Your school needs a system fitted with a School Accounting System. This can keep track of each student’s fee balance and their fee statement from the moment they entered the school to the moment the leave.

5) Library Management

A school is a place of literacy as such is not without text books. With a library can use a Library Management System to keep track of the school’s text book assets. With this System, it can also keep track of borrowing history, books currently in stock and those that have either been lost or damaged.

6) Payroll Management

Most School Management System are usually focused on Academics, it can be huge bonus if a School System can also incorporate a Payroll Management System. With this the school can easily store and automatically calculate the staff’s payslip, deductibles and other income.


Organized data

It helps to set data in a tabular format in an organized manner.

Easy reporting

With the help of ready-made reports, tasks become easy for making certificates and result format

Updating Records

It is easy to update data bases and reports in the organization


It is easy to update staff and student details with a systematic manner.

Advantages of using CleverlyWork:

Recent years have witnessed the introduction of various technologies in the education sector. What’s even more inspiring is that the technologies used for education are evolving with changing needs.

School management systems are allowing students to attend classes virtually and have access to classroom notes. Thanks to these systems, the pandemic has failed to stop the students from continuing their studies. They are interacting with teachers as easily as they used to do in their offline classes.

Easy Interface: The main reason behind the growing popularity of the school management system is its user-friendly interface. The interface is simple and thus can be handled easily by students of all age groups, teachers, as well as parents.

Easy to learn and use: You may be technologically challenged it would not be difficult for you to learn about various features of the software and then use them effectively. This feature makes it a perfect addition for educational institutions of all levels, from junior schools to universities.

Multi-User Friendly: The software can be used by many users simultaneously. So, you’ll not need to worry about the number of students, teachers, or administrators when giving them access to the platform.

Data Security: Being a school record management system, the software stores lots of confidential information. These include vital financial data as well as other sensitive information of staff and students.

Cost Saving: The school management system will increase the efficiency of the staff and allow teachers to focus only on improving their teaching skills. Managing educational Institutions flawlessly will require much less effort. Schools will need less staff than they used to need before the advent of the management systems. Tasks will get completed faster.

SMS and Email Integration: The software will make communication easier by allowing email and SMS integration. Teachers, students, and the admin will get to exchange emails and messages between them without the need of opening any other application.



School management is smart the way of managing whole tasks of the school properly so that better results could be obtained and ultimately goodwill of the school is enhanced.

The significance of school management has all the more increased due to an increase in the number of students and expectations for the transfer of knowledge.

CleverlyWork school management system is more robust, and feature-rich which provides a faster response to the users and offers more in-depth details about school management. 24/7 customer service by Cleverly Work is ever ready to help our customers.

If you are looking for a school management system or need to introduce improvements to your existing management software/application, contact


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