CleverlyWork Apartment Management Features
CleverlyWork Apartment Management is useful for Apartments, Resident complexes, and Meeting areas for keeping monthly records of maintenance, Monthly income, and expenditure. 

apartment management

What is Apartment Management?

The Apartment Management helps the property owner, security guard, secretary of the apartment, etc take care apartment and rent out the apartment. It gives a better understanding about monthly income, expenditure and their maintenance report.

Apartment management software is a tool that makes routine tasks such as tracking and storing tenant information, collecting rent, and managing accounting. It makes tasks easier for property managers. Common features in apartment management software include online rental payment and account access for tenants, expense and maintenance tracking, resident screening, and financial reporting.

Apartment Management is useful for:

It is helpful for apartments that are already in function or occupied by the residents. It is beneficial for Apartment Managers, Owners, Real estate agents, gatekeepers, security guards, etc.

Solution for Apartment Management: 

CleverlyWork has developed apartment management with advanced features and efficiency. It is useful for Apartments, Resident complexes, and Meeting areas for keeping monthly records of maintenance, Monthly income, and expenditure. 

It also provides an Agenda and MOM in a particular format. It helps to maintain the meeting agenda and Minutes of the meeting. CleverlyWork helps to create a development of the new project.

If in case there is any reconstruction of the garden or gym in the complex, it gives the total cost. 

Thus, CleverlyWork maintains all the documentation such as rent collection, information about rental apartments, and similar processes.

Rent Processing: CleverlyWork apartment management helps the user to keep track of information such as rent payments, late fees, maintenance charges, and deposits due from tenants. It can give the report of the rented apartments including the Date of rent paid, Due date, Past records, Name of the tenants, Address, and total amount to be paid.

Income and Expenses: The CleverlyWork Apartment Management keeps all the records and documentation related to monthly income and expenditure. The income includes monthly maintenance for every apartment owner including late fees. Expenditure such as repairs, parking charges, water charges, service charges, etc.

Record Keeping: Apartment management has advanced features. It includes all the details of the apartment owner and tenants is a must when it comes to renting the property. So, CleverlyWork Apartment Management has drag-and-drop elements and can easily be deleted or edited by the user.

Vehicle tracking: It can keep track of entry and exit of vehicles parked for visitors and the residents of the apartment, by connecting vehicle management module to it.

CleverlyWork Apartment Management Features:

Easy Maintenance monitoring: CleverlyWork Apartment Management is helpful in maintaining the monthly contribution from the owner. It has easy to maintain the expenses such as cleaning, repair, etc. It gives exact details of the owner including late fees, and the due date of the contribution.

Data Tracking: Not only does the user can check the data but also the residents, Secretary, flatowners, etc. It maintains information on who had paid the financial dues of the apartment. It also tracks the occupancy status of the flats whether owned or rented.

Account Management:  It allows to get accurate account details of income and expenses. So can make a tax deduction and easily generate income reports separately for each flat.

Easily Data Access: CleverlyWork Apartment Management provides the solution to access the ability to record conveniently. The data are displayed in tabular format with the correct details of the tenants or the residents.

Organized data

It helps to set data in a tabular format in an organized manner.

Handling meeting

It is easy to handle the meeting agenda and MOM for future reference.

Recording Costs

It has a inherent feature of recording costs and present the data for analysis.


It is easy to generate a summary report of the database.

Advantages of CleverlyWork Apartment Management:

CleverlyWork Apartment Management helps the user to reduce time spent on tasks whether it’s data updation, monthly income and expenditure cost, etc.

Apartment management has a lot of information stored and can track the data easily. Tenants as well as prospects move in and out. It can record the monthly payment arrivals date. 

CleverlyWork Apartment Management helps to keep the track of monthly meeting dates, Meeting agenda, and their minutes any time anywhere.

Organization of expenditure: It keeps all the records in a systematic manner. Maintenance cost, Repair Cost, Service charges, Parking charges, etc with accurate statements of the expenses.

Keeping records: CleverlyWork has developed an advanced feature of drag and drop which is editable and can add names such as tenants’ names or resident names, date, maintenance paid to date, etc. It is easy to find data on separate residents.

Easy to use: CleverlyWork Apartment Management helps to eliminate the hassle of managing rental properties with accuracy. Reduce the amount of time required and provides freedom to property manager.

Reporting: In CleverlyWork Apartment Management there is a robust reporting module. It helps to show financial statements, balance sheets, and meeting details.


It is generally the best option to adopt CleverlyWork Apartment Management software which includes a set of strategies that can meet the particular situation. The software includes strategies that increase the record-keeping facility efficiency, time management in seeking the accurate details of the particular residents, and auto-suggestion of available flats.

CleverlyWork Apartment Management system becomes more robust, and feature-rich which provides a faster response to the users and offers more in-depth details about Apartment management. 24/7 customer service by CleverlyWork is ever ready to help our customers. 

In the modern world, global trading is taking over the market. Companies that want to meet the client’s demands and stay up-to-date use the CleverlyWork Apartment Management system to automate parking. Using a CleverlyWork Apartment Management system has many benefits, including cost savings and improving customer satisfaction. Depending on user needs, you can choose to use ready-made software or build a custom one. Some of the critical features of Cleverlywork software are tracking tenants’ details, Monthly income, and expenditures made by the resident or secretary. Apart from that, your solution can generate reports and provide detailed information on your historical data.

If you decide to outsource the development of your CleverlyWork Apartment management system or need to introduce improvements to your existing product, contact


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