CleverlyWork Warranty & Replacement Management Solution – Features
Cleverly work warranty & replacement solution facilitates managing multiple warranties, tracking every claim’s status, and processing every claim more quickly and gives 24/7 services for warranty & replacement management.

warranty and replacement management

What is warranty and Replacement management?

 The Warranty and Replacement management plays an important role in any service oriented industry. It’s required to track the product/ service under warranty period etc., and to take decisions related to customer complaints, service to sold products and their replacement if they are within warranty period, etc. The warranty management allows online claims entries, uploading product details, and verification of claims and product history.

Cleverlywork Warranty and replacement management is robust to solve such issues quickly in a professional manner. It facilitates to view, access and automatically track the data.


Why an organization need effective Warranty & Replacement Management:

  • To reflect accurate data.
  • Track complaint status
  • Monitor the records
  • User Satisfaction


How does it work?

In CleverlyWork warranty and replacement management, we maintain all the records related to the claims. If Goods are received from the customer, it has a mechanism to detect the date of purchase and find if the goods are within the warranty period. If goods are under warranty period, they will be sent to the supplier.


The supplier will detect the errors and replace or repair the product. The details will be described in a template form; it is easy to keep the records of complaints, and the product will be received from the supplier and delivered to the customer.

 Following are the forms which take care of above process:

  •         Product received from customer
  •         Product sent to supplier
  •         Product received from supplier
  •         Product delivered to customer 


These steps help record the claim and complaint status; if any action is balanced or the claim status is pending, automatic tracking will show the status. Overall, cleverly and replacement management consumes time and cost.



Why Cleverlywork Warranty and Replacement management?


Cleverlywork Warranty and Replacement management is beneficial in reducing warranty cost – the total expenses from receiving a complaint to its successful resolution. It indirectly helps to increase revenue by reaching the best possible level of customer satisfaction. It’s also beneficial for all stakeholders, including Suppliers, Dealers, Service providers, Manufacturers and Users, and creates ease and transparency in all of their processes related to Warranty & Replacement of their products or service related issues.



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