CleverlyWork Vehicle Management Solution – Features
CleverlyWork Vehicle Management System portrays a one stop parking solution and offers end-to-end services to the user with advanced features.

vehicle management

What is vehicle management?

In general, in any parking area, whether from residential or industrial complex, a watchman or security person always keep a close eye on residents, visitors and their vehicles. He needs to keep record of vehicles visiting as well as exiting the premises.

Vehicle management refers to innovative technology that helps to manage the placement of vehicles and provides a solution to the parking industry. The vehicle management takes care of various aspects such as slot booking, IN & OUT time etc. 

The aim of implementing the vehicle management system is to reduce time and reduce manual input and increase the number of vehicles needing an advanced vehicle parking system and it will ease the need for finding safe parking slots. The vehicle management system includes information of the vehicle owner, driver details and in time of the vehicles it can also provide easy payment options.

Vehicle management solutions can significantly offer benefits to users and parking lot owners. It helps to reduce queuing of the customers. The vehicle management software can easily handle and organize the data of vehicles and the vehicle data can be rectified at both entry and exit point.

Vehicle Management Software provides a custom parking management system that includes entry and exit time, traffic flow, payment details, tracking and identifying management.

There are various parking area facilities like Building complex, Garage parking, underground parking, paid parking etc. In all the various parking areas vehicle management can be used for a better parking system.

Vehicle Management software useful for:

Vehicle Management software is useful for the public as well as in private parking management. Let’s look for a few example where the system can implemented:

Hotels, Conference center, Business sites, complex parking, School, University, Hospitals, Commercial parking area, Gyms, Shopping center malls, Airports, Train Station etc.


Solution for vehicle management:

CleverlyWork technology has made vehicle management systems advanced and efficient. 

Space optimization: Earlier not able to utilize a parking area in an efficient manner. A CleverlyWork vehicle management system allows management of the parking lot and can easily direct the available space.

Easy to Use: CleverlyWork Vehicle Management is very simple and effortless to use and user friendly through the software it can resolve the complication from the parking slots.

Fastag based parking solution: A Fastag is a fare collector system the tags are rechargeable sticker sticks on the vehicle. The Fastag can be used to identify vehicles which can help at parking facility.

Contactless parking system: With the help of Fastag the system can read the Fastag no and generate access for the vehicle parking.


Features of vehicle management:

CleverlyWork Vehicle Management System portrays a one stop parking solution and offers end-to-end services to the user and operator management with advanced features. The operator management facilities hassle free parking for vehicles helps for time management and boost the efficiency of the parking.

The features of our Vehicles management software are as follows:

Real time counting: It helps to detect the estimated time of the vehicles and the available slots in the parking area.

Maintaining the records of number of parking slots: The most advanced feature is to track the number of vehicles that are parked, available space, booked slots etc. The software can maintain the records of specific vehicles.

Parking notification: The Cleverlywork vehicle management software simplifies the task by making allotment of parking space and if there is incorrect parking then the visitor’s host can get notification about incorrect parking.

Monitoring entries for entry and exit: The automated details capture process of each vehicle for exit time can save time and get notification about available space.

Advantage of Vehicle management:

In every day-to-day life, parking systems have become important. The vehicle parking needs space in buildings, complexes, apartments, malls, offices, hospitals etc. In the last few years there has been an evolution in parking management with the help of advanced technology like CleverlyWork Vehicle Management software that helps to improve the system. It is not only convenient but also flexible when it comes to vehicle flow in parking areas.

The great benefit of the CleverlyWork Vehicle Management system is its simplicity. It is very easy to use by the authorities and also for vehicle owners. You can add additional features by simple drag n drop of elements.

CleverlyWork Vehicle Management has advanced technology of security features and can give an upgraded security, safety and privacy about the management. CleverlyWork Vehicle Management systems prevent unauthorized access to your parking lots, as a result, car owners will have increased confidence that their cars are well protected and secure.



It is generally the best option to adopt a CleverlyWork Vehicle Management software which includes a set of strategies that can meet the particular situation. A software includes strategies that increase the parking facility efficiency, time management in seeking the parking space, accurate mapping of the parking space and auto suggestion of available parking slots.

CleverlyWork Vehicle Management system becomes more robust, and feature rich which provides faster response to the users and offers more in-depth details about Vehicle management. 24/7 customer service by CleverlyWork is ever ready to help our customers. 

In the modern world, global trading is taking over the market. Companies that want to meet the clients’ demands and stay up-to-date use CleverlyWork Vehicle Management system to automate parking. Using a CleverlyWork Vehicle Management system has many benefits, including cost savings and improving customer satisfaction. Depending on user needs, you can choose to use a ready-made software or build a custom one. Some of the critical features of Cleverlywork software are real-time tracking, route optimization, and automatic carrier selection. Apart from that, your solution can generate reports and provide detailed information on your historical data.

If you decide to outsource the development of your CleverlyWork transportation management system or need to introduce improvements to your existing product, contact


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