CleverlyWork Transportation Management Solution – Features
Using CleverlyWork transportation management, users can automate many transport operations like billing, tracking payments, creating reports etc.

transportation management

What is Transportation management?

Transportation is the backbone of Industrial activities and industrial growth. As the name simply suggests, transportation is moving the goods from one place to another. Moving the Finish goods from its factory or manufacturing place to the users market can be called transportation. Also people migrating from one place to another tourist services can be included in transportation.

This whole activity includes different processes like receiving the customer enquiry, knowing the material which need to be transported, its starting place and its destination, weight of material, defining the route of transportation, mode of transportation, planning proper itinerary. CleverlyWork makes the solution for all these activities, to plan, monitor, and properly report them.

Transportation management is a software platform that helps users improve their product distribution process to customers. It digitizes the process of loading and unloading of material from supplier to consumer end, in the scope of transporter. It helps to analyze the vehicle tracking, optimization of route, collection of data from vehicles, customer details, and other aspects that become handy for the user.   

Transportation management software plays an essential role in the supply chain, providing the best service in the day-to-day process. Software leads to more efficient transportation for planning and execution for higher customer satisfaction. It is essential to have software that will help to navigate the process with rules and policies successfully.

Transportation Management software is designed for: 

CleverlyWork Transportation Management software are primarily used by businesses to help for moving or receiving goods on a daily basis. The software makes it more affordable for businesses that provide transportation services. 

Transporters, Freight Brokers, Fleet Management operators, Companies handling transport between their branches, Warehouse Management & Logistics, etc.  

CleverlyWork solution for Transport Industry :

The advanced technology CleverlyWork offers various solutions to the transport industry like Full Truck Load, Partial Truck Load, Fleet Management, Freight Brokerage, Logistics etc.  It helps to provide loading patterns,  and route preference. With the help of your mobile you can update the information about customer details, vehicle details etc. 

The CleverlyWork helps the users to track the goods while in voyage to its final destination with tracking reports, reliably and cost-effectively. CleverlyWork provides a digital web app or website to the user to make a more thoughtful decision from loading to its final, which minimizes human error or any manual inefficiencies.

CleverlyWork Transportation Management module helps to simplify the process through just a single, user-friendly app. 

  • A mobile app is easy and time-saving
  • Cost-effective 
  • Records can be easily accessed.
  • Live tracking.
  • Admin expenses.
  • Simplify the entire process.

Features of CleverlyWork Transportation Management Solution:

The CleverlyWork is the right product for effective transportation management to maintain tight and close control on every aspect of transportation activity. Cleverlywork transportation management software helps to prevent the paper hassle of previously used manual register systems and empowers the user with fully digital features of advanced technology.

The features of our system are as follows:

 Loading the consignment:  The copy of LR/GR will be prepared when you enter the loading details which can be handed over to the driver to initiate its journey.

 Delivery Tracking: The Cleverlywork web app is user friendly that provides the packages real time tracking with 100% transparency throughout the process.

 Expenses Reduced: Cleverlywork web app provides the greatest benefits for freight costs, with the help of digitalization and optimization. That reduces expenses and collects data in a smarter way.

 Better customer service:  The web app improves customer services due to the ability to track the order from their actual location to the destination. The user will stay up to date and can access the tracking easily.

 Warehouse efficiency: A well-organized warehouse is an essential part of the transportation process. Pairing a Cleverlywork transportation management will allow you to record orders and track where they are located in the warehouse or transit.

 Reports: CleverlyWork transportation management platform has extensive standard and customized reporting capabilities; those reports can be used for activities like operation, customer service and tracking.

 Historical data: The Cleverlywork transportation management provides past data stored in the database which are generated manually or automatically.

 Advantages of using CleverlyWork:

The most profitable, cost-efficient, and convenient system. All processes are taken care of by digital technology. CleverlyWork transportation management system is transparent for all users. Updates like delays, issues on the route, and changes in transportation will be displayed in the system. You might add a feature to notify all parties about any changes. The system can be accessed via mobile devices as it is cloud-based.


Transportation has always been driven by digital technology that helps people to enter the details in the web app or from their mobile device. Digital technology allows people to move faster through the ready-made process and is user friendly. Each new technology made the system more accessible and required change in the institution that managed it.

CleverlyWork Transportation management system becomes more robust, and feature rich which provides faster response to the companies or the users and offers more in-depth details about transportation management.24/7 customer service by CleverlyWork is ever ready to help our customers. 

In the modern world, global trading is taking over the market. Companies that want to meet the clients’ demands and stay up-to-date use CleverlyWork transportation management system to automate transportation, which may be the next significant innovation in the transportation industry. Using a CleverlyWork transportation management system has many benefits, including cost savings and improving customer satisfaction. Depending on user needs, you can choose to use a ready-made software or build a custom one. Some of the critical features of Cleverlywork software are real-time tracking, route optimization, and automatic carrier selection. Apart from that, your solution can generate reports and provide detailed information on your historical data.

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