CleverlyWork Tradepro Features

Tradepro Feature

What is Tradepro?

We are very much familiar with “trade” in our day-to-day life. Tradepro provides a range of services and program for various organization that helps to maintain the growth of the business.

A TradePro is an organization that gives an opportunity to keep detailed records about new customers as well as existing customers. In Tradepro the seller or purchaser can confirm the sales transaction and can claim the bill against the supply happens. Sometimes, preparing delivery challan can take a few minutes or even 2-3 hours but in TradePro there is a predefined format for delivery challan which includes pricing format for the products and product-related


Tradepro is an application that can be accessed on desktops as well as on the mobile phone. It helps to keep records about the Product details, Customer details, purchases, and sales history of the customers. It includes the cost of the products, inventory present in the godown, etc.

The seller can keep the records according to their business needs and can keep track of waste products and remove them from inventory. Keeping track of expiry management for inventory Complete reporting for each module for better analysis.

TradePro is designed for:

Tradepro is an Organization that is useful for various businesses. It is useful for Shops, Malls, Stores, agencies & Distributors, Mobile stores, Hardware stores, Electronics stores, Computer stores, Construction Material businesses, Apparel stores, etc.

Requirement for TradePro:

We will make a list of items or products which are required to be described in the Tradepro organization. It includes Customer category details, Product category details, Payment related details, Material, and Inventory details, and the main factor is a purchase order and sales receipts, etc.  

We at CleverlyWork has considered all the above requirement for preparing bills and challan and come up with new additional forms under Tradepro which can to use for the user kind of view. A mobile application of the same is also ready to use. This is fully customizable and users can add data and update the data field or any new elements with an easy drag and drop option. It became handy to use the organization with a transparent and concise process. 

CleverlyWork has various types of organizations TradePro is one of the major organizations which can be used for various small businesses as well as large businesses. 

TradePro feature:

Our Tradepro module which is a reference for observation or further customizable and is readily available on our website has following features:

It has various types of forms such as Databases, Categories, Process lists, and reports. It has a Product database, Customer database, and Vendor database and with it, they have a Product category, Customer category, and Vendor category. A user can have the option to create his own category and can edit and delete the categories. The forms are interlinked with the databases.

The user can fill in the data related to products, customers, and vendors using these forms and categories will play additional supporting fields. The advanced feature is users can add petty cash in and out of the status and can add tax-related details in the TradePro.

The other main form is payment records and the report list i.e Sales receipts and purchases order for the customer. If you want to create your own barcodes then you can create them in TradePro. Godown inventory & shelf inventory management easy to track the details.

How it works:

There is an advanced option in the CleverlyWork Tradepro module such as reports and databases with the reusable and editable format. 

Entering data: In Tradepro the forms have a basic feature where the customer name, product details, cash details, etc will be allocated to a particular entry. Users can add multiple rows indicating different items and requirements.

Printable Format: It is required to take the printout to hand it over to your customer. For that purpose, a report which is HTML type has been attached to the form. The report can be editable where the user can edit or delete the data as per requirement. It is easy to use for invoices and bills etc.

It has great flexibility to accommodate user requirements. The report section has all the databases visible to the user. 

Greater Flexibility: It is a platform that offers the user greater flexibility to accommodate the requirement of the user. Every form is related to the business where one can update the details and can get a report part in the tabular format. A simple click on the “add entry” icon will lead the user to the new form.

Various Forms: There are various forms that are pre-build in the organization such as Databases, Categories, Cash in and out the status, Material status, etc. With the help of a customizable form, you can add or fill the data as per the requirement.

Template format: In CleverlyWork Tradepro there are readymade templates with a tabular format. It can reusable and editable format. It has options like customizable templates and HTML templates. With the help of a customizable template, they can create a structure of bills, receipts, or delivery challan as per their need. And through ready-made HTML templates, they can get directly invoice prints in those fomats. 

Organized data

It helps to set data in a tabular format in an organized manner.

Easy reporting

With the help of ready-made reports, tasks become easy for making certificates and result format

Updating Records

It is easy to update data bases and reports in the organization


It is easy to update staff and student details with a systematic manner.

Advantages of using CleverlyWork:

Recent years have witnessed the introduction of various technologies in the education sector. What’s even more inspiring is that the technologies used for education are evolving with changing needs.

School management systems are allowing students to attend classes virtually and have access to classroom notes. Thanks to these systems, the pandemic has failed to stop the students from continuing their studies. They are interacting with teachers as easily as they used to do in their offline classes.

Easy Interface: The main reason behind the growing popularity of the school management system is its user-friendly interface. The interface is simple and thus can be handled easily by students of all age groups, teachers, as well as parents.

Easy to learn and use: You may be technologically challenged it would not be difficult for you to learn about various features of the software and then use them effectively. This feature makes it a perfect addition for educational institutions of all levels, from junior schools to universities.

Multi-User Friendly: The software can be used by many users simultaneously. So, you’ll not need to worry about the number of students, teachers, or administrators when giving them access to the platform.

Data Security: Being a school record management system, the software stores lots of confidential information. These include vital financial data as well as other sensitive information of staff and students.

Cost Saving: The school management system will increase the efficiency of the staff and allow teachers to focus only on improving their teaching skills. Managing educational Institutions flawlessly will require much less effort. Schools will need less staff than they used to need before the advent of the management systems. Tasks will get completed faster.

SMS and Email Integration: The software will make communication easier by allowing email and SMS integration. Teachers, students, and the admin will get to exchange emails and messages between them without the need of opening any other application.


Also as all the information has been stored on a digital platform with electronic gadgets, hectic memory tensions of recalling all the figures and keeping records will be seen in history soon. Also, complex products with many categories and with different types of pricing can be accommodated easily in this solution also if tax patterns, bills, sales receipts, or any delivery challan are different then also it can be handled.

Having a CleverlyWork Tradepro solution for your business is a great resource for your organization. It can be linked easily with our form module and all your information related to your pre-defined template will transform easily into bills, sales receipt,s or any delivery challan.

You can visit our case study page to know how our product is useful to our clients. Contact us to know more.

CleverlyWork Introduction

CleverlyWork Introduction

CleverlyWork is a platform for the perfect no-coding system for your workflow management, monitoring business operations, creating websites and mobile apps.

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