CleverlyWork Service Management Features
CleverlyWork Service Management helps the organization to streamline service activities and monitor the progress of the business.

service management

The Service- Overview.

A Service is the action of helping or doing work for someone. It is a provision or a supply of manpower, machineries to get the work done at client premises. If there is any defect in working of any machinery or any organizational function in way of its objective, the management need to fix the problem either on their own or by hiring a service.

Eg: Television, Fridge, AC etc are already part of infrastructure, if there is any problem in the in-built infrastructure and supplier has committed (2 Years) of service as a part of purchase deal. Then, the service provider or supplier/dealer needs to provide maintenance service to the particular product. That gives a general idea about domestic or industrial service..

Requirement of management in providing service.

Trader, manufacturer, Dealer or Service Provider need to give the service to the customer. & Service management is a discipline culture that provides quality service to the customer/user.

They have two option:

If the service order is received, the service provider needs to follow-up the sales person records, status of the salesperson to give service to the customer. They need to set the sequence for the salesperson to assign the tasks. 

While assigning tasks to the salespersons, there is a need to refer to the description of the product and to keep the records of tools, backup plan. Salesperson records include sequence of tasks, time required to provide services to the customers, and his/her return journey. It helps to plan the itinerary of the serviceperson to perform the tasks.

Service management helps organizations to build long-term relationships with their customers.

Service Management software is designed for:

This software is useful for service providers like electrician, AC mechanic, Fridge mechanic, Plumber, Carpenter and similar trades. Also, the Sales and Service Offices, workshops and garages that send technicians to the client site, need proper queueing of tasks to be allotted to their technicians. In such a scenario, the Service Management Module comes handy.

CleverlyWork Service Management Feature:

CleverlyWork Service Management software uses databases to record the information about Customers and Products. It has been provided with a capability to categorize Customer data and Product Data. 

It has capabilities of categorizing the customer, employee, product and supplier. It includes a drag and drop option for adding elements in the forms. It offers a facility to open a popup for a new form from the parent form called Modal. A drop down can be provided to select particular entries from the saved database.

CleverlyWork Service Management software provides support for multiple sites, record requests, scheduling service personnel, and working reports. With the help of effective planning it ensures that the service person arrives at the customer sites to fix the problem.

CleverlyWork service management is the cloud-based management tool that enables users to monitor and control all the activities of service provision.

1.Allotment of task to Service Person:

It cares about deployment of the service Person, his engagement or bookings before allotment of the next task. While allocating the task to the person, we will get to know about the current working status of the service person and if the person is engaged with other tasks at the same time the tasks can be allocated to other service persons.

2.Status Report of Service Person:

It presents a serviceperson engagement report to get a concise idea about task details given to any of the servicemen. If the service person is engaged with some task it will give all the related details e.g. Task status, description, etc. It is very helpful for updating reports. 

3.Invoice Preparation: 

It provides a facility to make an invoice after a successful service visit. CleverlyWork Service Management provides readymade invoice templates that are related to the services (e.g. Invoice receipts, Bills etc.). The advanced feature is you can customize templates as per your requirement and can connect to the current report. Template helps you to find all the related data in a standard or a tabular format.

Advantages of service management:

CleverlyWork Service management makes it easy to simplify the self-service, helps to provide better results. The CleverlyWork Service Management helps the organization to streamline service activities and monitor the progress of the business. Service management provides a proven structure and ready-to-use format to the users.

  • Reduction in service cost.
  • Best use of resources
  • Eliminating the unnecessary work
  • End-to-end service provision 

CleverlyWork Service management is the helpful solution for companies that manage service in the service management field. A software solution can improve efficiency, helps to increase productivity and provide a better customer experience.  

Automation of CleverlyWork Service Management is used for best practice. It serves complicated tasks more easily and provides self-service to the user. A CleverlyWork service management gives guidance on the provision of quality services, the processes, functions, and other capabilities. It provides better service to the customer and they interact positively with the business which indicates loyalty, satisfaction of the customer.

The customizable addition of user preferable features help to enhance the usability and identify areas of improvement. It is the best ever product in this niche.


CleverlyWork Service Management module provides the excellent process management that enables to identify and speed-up the activity in Service Management for day-to-day service of any organization or the user. It has a wide variety of areas to communicate a coherent and consistent message for the business customer of the services providers.

It is important that this process is able to capture the present and accurate, objective view of how well services are being delivered so that difficult, often costly, and time-consuming decisions can be made about the prioritization of resources within the organization.

CleverlyWork Service Management Solution is innovative and unique at maintaining a competitive edge over your competitors while saving your time and cost.


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