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A quotation maker is a very helpful for small shop owners, retailers as well as wholesalers. Malls and transaction counters can use Quotation Maker effectively with very little customization.

Quotation maker

What is a Quotation ?

We are very much familiar with quotations in our day-to-day life. Whenever we want an estimate of any utilizable thing we generally go to the vendor and ask for a quotation that will give us an exact estimate of how much expenditure we need to do. And then we can plan accordingly.

A quotation is a document that the seller provides to the buyer to offer items or products, listed with prices, product descriptions, etc. A Supplier makes a sales quotation and submits it to the client to let a buyer know how much goods or services will cost before they commit to the purchase.

Thus, every seller or vendor has an opportunity to inform the customer about the prices of the items or the products he sells through a quotation. So quotation preparation is one of the important tasks in selling activity. Now quotation preparation can take appreciable time depending on the items required, their rates and complexity of item list.

Sometimes, preparing a quotation can take a few minutes or the time of one day. So, if there is any free defined format to make a quotation and present the price in a definite format then time taken to make the quotation can be reduced to an appreciable extent. So one can consider a software or a web application in the form of that predefined format where the Seller or user using the software for making a quotation within a few seconds.

Quotation Maker is designed for:

A quotation maker is a very helpful for small shop owners, retailers as well as wholesalers. Malls and transaction counters can use Quotation Maker effectively with very little customization.

Requirement for Quotation :

Now we will make a list of items or products which are required to be described in a quotation. First the date on which the quotation has been prepared is essential because the quotation will be valid only for a few days or few months depending on the criteria of the seller. Also a quotation number or reference number is required. Then the customer details are required with the customer name. So, that the Seller can contact later if required then obviously the items for which quotation has been prepared comes into picture so the items list with their rate and total amount should be mentioned in any quotation. Signature of the seller or his representative is essential to authenticate the quotation validity.

We at CleverlyWork have considered all the above requirements for preparing Quotation And we have come up with our quotation maker over on our web platform A mobile application of the same is also available.

This is one of the modules to get the idea of the CleverlyWork platform. This is fully customizable and users can add any data field or any new elements with its drag and drop option. So, it comes very handy with transparent and very concise process flows that can add any of the fields for his convenience and for his use.

CleverlyWork quotation maker features:

In our quotation maker module which is a reference for observation or further customization which is readily available on our website, has following features.

It has four types of forms: Database, Category, Process form and Report. It has product databases and customers databases and their two categories namely product categories and customer category. A user can have the option to create his own category and edit and delete those categories. Also these forms linked with these two databases have provision to create or edit categories from these forms which are called as modals.

The user is expected to fill the data related to products and customers using these two forms and categories will play additional supporting fields.


Generate a separate database for each category.


Easily generate quotation

 With the help of ready made template format tasks become easy for making quotations.

Updating quotations

It is easy to update data bases and reports in the Quotation maker.

Time saving

It helps to reduce time and manual work while making quotations from the database.


How it works?

Entering data & Quotation preparation: The real process of making quotations begins with a form named quotation maker that has been provided with this application. It is a grid type of form and a provision to fill the items along with their rates is given here. The formula set in the module, automatically calculates the amount after entering the quantity required by the purchaser at every entry. So, you can add multiple rows indicating different items which purchase requires are interested in.

Also the form has basic features where the customer name and quotation number will be allotted to this particular entry.

Print your Quotation: You are required to take print out to hand it over to your customer or client. For that purpose, a report which is HTML type has been attached to this form. This is an editable report where you can add, update and delete different fields as per your requirement. Now you are ready to make a quotation in your module and take its print out to handover it to your client.

It is based on a dynamic platform the user has greater flexibility to accommodate his requirements in the presented module. Every form is drag and drop fashion which has been built in the form designer. The report section has all the database entries visible to the user. A simple click on the add entry icon will lead him to a new fresh form.

So, simple changes or a few editions will take you to your exactly dreamed solution for your quotation making problems.


Also as all the information has been stored on a digital platform with electronic gadgets, hectic memory tensions of recalling all the figures and making quotations will be seen in history soon. Also complex products with many categories and with different types of pricing can be accommodated easily in this solution also if tax patterns are different then also it can be handled.

Having a CleverlyWork solution for your quotation making is a great resource for your organization. It can be linked easily with our invoice making module and all your information related to your quotation will transform easily into invoice.

You can visit our case study page to know how our product is useful to our clients. Contact us to know more.



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